What Does the Bible Say A Pastor Should Do?

A Pastor is to care for God’s church (1 Timothy 3:5), they must be able to teach (1 Timothy 3:2), they are to command and teach that we are all to have our hope set in God (1 Timothy 4:10 to 11).

A Pastor is to set an example in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity (1 Timothy 4:12).

A Pastor is to devote themselves to the public reading of Scripture, to exhorting it, to teaching it (1 Timothy 4:13), A Pastor is to immerse themselves in these things and persist in them, so that they may save both themselves and those who hear the preached Word (1 Timothy 4:15 to 16).

A Pastor is to rebuke those who persist in sin, in a way that even evokes fear (1 Timothy 5:20). A Pastor is to fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12), to pursue righteousness (1 Timothy 6:11). A Pastor is to preach the Word, in season and out of season. To reprove, to rebuke, exhort, and to teach sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:1 to 5).

These are but a few of the things a Pastor is to do and take up.

Post Script:

Bear in mind all of what Paul writes to Timothy and Titus for example is what is expected of a Pastor; in the same way is much of what Paul writes to Timothy and Titus is expected of any Christian. For example all are to wage good warfare, hold the faith, have a good conscience, pray, give thanks, and lead Godly, peaceful and quiet lives (1 Timothy 1:18 to 2:2).

Some may challenge me on this and say that only Pastors are to do these things or only Christians. That challenge would be…silly and would do nothing to negate what Paul writes to Timothy concerning the qualifications and duties of a Pastor.


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