Is time on our side?

A teacher, theologian, or pastor may justify not properly laying out proper Lutheran teaching each and every week because they are promoting and/or working through a sermon series.

But is there time for that? Do we have time to withhold the Word, the Sacraments, Law and Gospel for another day?

Perhaps we can delay. Christ’s return seems to not be happening so , so perhaps time is on our side. Perhaps we can preach and teach slowly and in part. The sheep are dumb and do not desire too much food too quickly. Plus there are Football games to watch, video games to play, movies to see. We have time. No need to rush.

Well no, not according to Scripture. Christ can return at any moment. He will come like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2; Revelation 16:15). Our Lord will come when we expect Him not. Why would we delay bringing the fullness of His Word at every opportunity?

Jesus Himself speaks of this sort of thing in Matthew 24:44-51. We, His servants, need be busy, at work, actively doing what we were commanded. What were we commanded? Matthew 28:19-21. To make disciples of all nations, Baptizing, and teaching all that Christ had spoken and commanded. To preach the Gospel to all nations (Mark 16:15).

So it must again be asked, why would anyone in the church delay the preaching of the fullness of God? We pray that it would not be so among us. But far too often it is.


Post Script:

An argument could be made that God will save who He wants to save regardless of our actions. And that we are simply one means of God getting His Word to the World. I mean He is God. He will save His people in spite of our laziness. And yes, to a degree that is absolutely true. But He has declared that the primary means of bringing saving faith is by the preaching of the Word (Romans 10:17). And it is the job of Pastors to preach this Word, and of theologians to teach this Word. Thus we should not be lazy in our duties, least we procure the wrath as declared of the lazy servant in Matthew 24 and the harsher judgment of those who know the truth (James 3:1). How are we to be a light when we keep it hidden (Luke 11:33)?


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